COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- It's called the "fire challenge" and the Ohio State Fire Marshal's office is warning that's it is extremely dangerous.

Hundreds of videos have been posted online of young people pouring a flammable liquid on themselves then lighting it on fire.

“Fire is not something to be played with.  The ‘fire challenge’ is not only extremely dangerous for the people involved, but it could also be a danger to other people or structures around you,” said State Fire Marshal Larry Flowers. “We urge you to not take part in this new fad.”

Many of the participants in the “fire challenge” are teenagers. It's one reason Flowers' office is trying to get the message out to parents to talk with their children about the dangers.

"We've heard of first, second, or third degree burns or even death," said Fire Marshal's office spokesperson Lindsey Burnworth.

After dousing the flames, many of those in the videos challenge friends to also take part.

"We really hope that everyone heeds this warning and understands that it is a very serious issue," said Burnworth.

The Ohio State Fire Marshal's office has no documented cases of the fire challenge in Ohio, but that's because reports sent to the state don't include an area for these types of incidents.